• Avon Marina, Rossiter Quay, Bridge Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1DZ


Every model in the Range is packed with unique features, making the Takcacat boats some of the most innovative inflatable boats on the market.


The high pressure air deck with non-skid coating creates a very rigid platform to keep passengers steady on the water. The catamaran hulls and tapered bow means it glides smoothly through the water.


Constructed with a single seam, rather than the double seams on standard inflatables minimises the likelihood of damage, at the weakest spots of the boat, and keeps the material supple, an important factor in folding inflatables.


External oar rowlocks and Velcro straps ensure your oars stay on board with you. Takacats come with removable fixtures for securing fishing rods. Inflatable seats are comfortable and can be moved to accommodate longer legs.


Takacat’s Open transom(stern) allows the deck to be drained immediately which means no excess water is held onboard, a huge plus if being towed in rough and wet conditions or just wanting to avoid a soggy bottom!


No need for a trailer or the cost of storage. Pack down the boat into two carry bags and throw it in the boot of your car or roof rack. The carry bags are vented, so you can even store it wet and it stays fresh.


The open bow provides a practical landing platform at the beach or ramp and makes getting in and out of the water effortless!

With all these amazing features and innovations, it’s clear that founder Greg Sowden has real on-the-water experience and has designed inflatables to conquer practical boating challenges. So if you’re open to new ideas, Takacat makes life easy for you, so you can focus on enjoying your time on the open water.