Matt Pritchard: Ocean Rowing Dirty Vegan style

Avon Marina interviewed TV Chef, the Dirty Vegan, Matt Pritchard, [Pictured on the right in the title picture] on his recent challenge on our SCUD craft Velocity.  Matt Pritchard started out as a professional skateboarder, appearing as the front man of Dirty Sanchez.  He moved to TV and began a new career as a Vegan chef in 2019, showing the ease of Vegan cooking.  He has since released two Vegan cookbooks.  He has now added endurance athlete to his box of tricks, with this challenge being one of the many he is undertaking.  He spared us some time for some quick-fire questions.  His personality shines through showing what a real character, he is.


Matt has just returned from a grueling challenge, on our SCUD Ocean Rowing Craft, Velocity.  He rowed from Lanzarote to Antigua with three other crew members to raise money for two important charities.  HUMENorg a men’s mental health charity, ‘preventing men suffering in silence and dying too young’ and the Dean Farm Trust a charity which raises awareness about sick, ill-treated and abused animals subject to factory farming or sport.  Matt is now home in the comfort of his own home and was able to take some time to answer a few questions on his challenge.


What is it about the SCUD and it’s steering system that made you choose it for such a challenge?


“Let us just say that I knew nothing about rowing or rowing boats before I signed up for this challenge. I basically just learned as I went along and listened to what our skipper Billy told us or taught us about rowing boats. What I do know is that the steering system that we did have never let us down once while at sea and really did a great job.  As for the SCUD itself…………..what a boat man. Going out to sea for the first time is quite a big deal for someone who’s never done it before, but after a few days I felt really safe in the SCUD.  It took a battering from Mother Nature but I always felt safe in the boat. I would actually feel safe in it even if we were caught in a hurricane.”


What is your best memory, one that you will take away from your challenge on Velocity?


“Literally just being at sea bobbing up and down on the waves surrounded by nature. Listening to music on the sound system at sunrise and sunset. The wildlife and being away from land, I never realised how peaceful it is out at sea.”


Why do you put yourself through such challenges and how do you cope with the quiet times?


“It’s my happy place, turning the noise of the world off and focusing on putting one foot in front of the other or in this case one oar in after the other, ha ha. To some these challenges sound like hell but they are music to my ears. I can’t think of anything better than being on my own in my own little world ticking off mile after mile and having all the time in the world to just think and enjoy the buzz/Adrenalin/endorphins.

I try not to have too many quiet times to be honest, but a good rest after a big challenge is good.


What was the best thing about Velocity [The SCUD Ocean rowing Craft] and are you looking forward to watching her next challenge?


“The best thing about Velocity was just being on it, rowing and enjoying the experience. Of course I’m looking forward to it’s next challenge.  I know what they are, so I’ll be following it all the way.”


Describe in 3 words what the best thing is about Ocean Rowing?



Finally, what is your next challenge and why?

“After such big challenges I try and find another to keep my body and mind entertained, so I signed up to the backyard ultra in North Wales which consists of running around in 4 mile loops for as long as possible and there’s only one winner and that’s the last man standing. I’m hoping and gonna try to do 100 miles, so let’s wait and see how I go.

We wish Matt so much luck in this next challenge.  A thoroughly nice guy.